Making Fitness Simple (or why I opened Glassworks Fitness)

Living a healthy lifestyle is a tricky thing. So often the messages that float around the media and our lives promote how “easy” it is to go on a quick diet, or complete a quick exercise program. But, if this was so easy then everyone in the world would be losing 5, 10, or 100 pounds in a matter of days, or maybe weeks, and achieving all of their life goals in the process.

In reality, it can often be difficult to start on the road to your healthy lifestyle, or maybe starting is easy, and it becomes difficult to stick with it. We beat ourselves up.  We tell ourselves that we are just making “excuses”. Then, there is a “motivational poster” telling us that we need to be strong, resilient, and persevere at all costs. However, our “excuses” are actually legitimate reasons, more often than not. Family, work, kids, social obligations, education, and myriad other aspects of our life compete with our desires and ability to eat right, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is “simple”, but difficult at the same time. How is this dichotomy possible? Many of us know the basic components: eat right, exercise, sleep well (recover), and repeat. However, in order to be able to accomplish our goals, many of the barriers that make fitness difficult need to be overcome, lessened, or removed: inconvenience, time commitments, cost, false/misleading information, and lack of knowledge or confidence about how to be successful.

I opened Glassworks Fitness to remove many of these barriers. My goal is to apply my training in Biology, Education, and Public Health to create an environment that makes it possible, fun, and convenient for you to achieve whatever fitness goal you may have.

Glassworks Fitness is located in Downtown Louisville in order to create a convenient location, that can save you that 10, 15, or 30 minutes per day you spend driving to and from a fitness center. Glassworks Fitness is located where you (well many of you) work. This convenience can save you a couple hours per week just in travel, valuable time you can spend with your family, pursuing your career, or in leisure.

No knowledge about fitness is necessary (that is why we are giving away classes with top-notch instructors for the first month). The fact that you are reading this indicates you have all the motivation you need to begin the process towards success. Take a chance, stop by, and let me help show you how to meet your goals.  Bring your workout attire.  Your first workout is FREE!